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Partnering With Purpose                                                                                     
Add Dimension to Your Business

Partnering With Purpose is a business opportunity that combines and creates. It combines professional services and creates additional dimension for your business.

Are You Passing Up Business?
In your business, you advise people daily - about finances, or real estate, or legal matters. Because of your sound advice, your clients trust you. And when they need a service that you donít provide, they might ask you for a referral. So what do you do? You simply pass the business on to another professional acquaintance. That works, but itís not very convenient for your client, and it certainly has no benefit for you. We think itís time to change that approach.

Offer More
As you know, prospecting for new clients is very time consuming. Itís also one of the least efficient ways to maintain solid growth. Itís not enough to just have more clients . . . you have to offer them more. And a partnership with Service Financial will ensure both. More clients. And more to offer them. The result will be satisfied customers.

Looking Ahead
In todayís business world, solid growth is rarely guaranteed, but one essential for growth is a clear vision for the future. Service Financialís experienced advisors keep a close eye on industry trends and forecasts - and respond accordingly. Our newest offering is liability management services. Liability management is simply analyzing, planning, and executing an optimal solution to restructure, or better manage liabilities. These liabilities include real estate loans and long-term care plans.

Seeing the Big Picture
Until now, your clients have purchased services from several different financial institutions ó none of which have the big picture. This segmentation of services creates a variety of solutions, each with its own financial goal. Service Financial will work to create a single, solid goal of wealth for your client. Once your client has created additional wealth, his or her financial security is more stable and the future is brighter. With todayís debt ratio as high as it is for most of your clients, this is an important step in achieving and maintaining financial security.

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If youíre ready to increase your business and expand your client base... if youíre interested in creating wealth and ensuring financial security for your clients... if you want to add dimension to your business... call or contact us now to learn more.


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