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A Populous Movement


Not since the turn of the last century have the American people been presented with an opportunity to systematically take back the free enterprise system and once again define capitalism as the pure foundation of our great nation.


It is hard to find a country that doesn’t have mountains of debt along with even larger mountains of unfunded liabilities. The current monetary system has entered its final season. History shows that monetary systems are mortal. They come and go. Our current system of FIAT money backed by Government monopolies has been in existence since 1971. The history of FIAT money has been one of extreme failure. In fact every FIAT currency since the Romans first began the practice has ended in devaluation and eventual collapse of not only the currency but the economy that housed the FIAT currency as well.


We have a disappointed and I believe deceived population. A population that has lost confidence in an outdated monetary system that was supposed to deliver a quality retirement and lifestyle for which they have worked and sacrificed for.


“We cannot fix our monetary system until we fix our value system.”


Value creation has its roots in the very communities in which we live and work. Communities and businesses do not build themselves “People do”.


The rebuilding of our children’s and grandchildren’s future lies in Social Impact Investing through individuals investing in their own communities creating  jobs raising the bar for higher education and promoting moral lifestyle choices for adults and children alike.


Americans work hard for their money. Every dollar earned is a direct result of ones ability to take responsibility and ownership of their actions. Why should ones investment dollars have any different application?


A common person with a self directed IRA  with Investment alternatives can generate uncommon returns while building a better community for fellow citizens.


It is time we send a message to Wall Street and all financial institutions that have participated in one of the most egregious periods possibly in the history of our country that we no longer will be a part of a process that has discretionary powers over our destiny.


The biggest unanswered question is “Does the American people understand the unintended consequences of doing nothing”


“God’s gift to man is life - Mans gift to God is to live it properly”